Saturday, August 19, 2006



"COLORADO RIVER - The artist who shaped the Canyon: the Grand Canyon was carved over millennia through the rocks of the Colorado Plateau"

DESERT VIEW - A typical August thunderstorm was on its way..."

"THE RAINBOW comes always after the storm!"

"COLOURS - A fabulous painting!"

"MOHAVE POINT, located on the West Rim Drive, has very nice views over Cope Butte, the inner granite gorge, Hermit Rapids and the Tower of Set"

"HOPI POINT - Some fine views of the side canyons of Horn and Salt Creeks, a thousand meters below"

"VIEW FROM THE POWELL MEMORIAL - On 24 May 1869, Major John Wesley Powell (1834 - 1902) and ten other men set forth to explore the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon. The Powell Memorial, a large, granite monument, stands as a tribute to him"

"YAVAPAI POINT offers some spectacular views of inner canyon, including Phantom Ranch"

"SOUTH RIM TRAIL - An easy hike with fantastic sights that make it a must!"

"MATHER POINT is famous for being the first view of the Grand Canyon that most people typically see, as it stands just a few miles north of the south entrance to the park"

"SUNSET at Mather Point!"


Susanne49 said...

You both look like you're on your Honeymoon... :)

Yes, the Grand Canyon is majestic indeed, everyone can feel it - and your photos tell it too. Next time maybe I'll take a ride with the airplane too :)

Thanks for your kind comment to my posts, very much appreciated, Gil. We made today Yellowstone and it was freezing cold and covered with snow, meter high on the side of the road!


Trotter said...

We were married only for seven years then... ;)))
The Cessna experience was a thrill; it seems now it's better regulated the air space in Grand Canyon; what an experience...
My pleasure to see your posts!!!
I'll check your Yellowstone!!!