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San Francisco, located on the tip of the San Francisco Peninsula and surrounded by water on three out of four sides, is the second most densely populated major American city, after New York, and fourteenth-largest in the United States. San Francisco is also famous for its climate: a quote attributed to Mark Twain - si non è vero è bene trovato - says «The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco». We, however, were lucky this time: while we were there, no summer fog at all, and the temperature reached record levels...

"MARKET & POWELL - Waiting for the cable car to go up the Hill, we met a couple of Portuguese people living in Macau. He was a brother of a colleague at the University: sometimes the world looks rather small..."

"NOB HILL - The Mark Hopkins Intercontinental Hotel, a San Francisco landmark with magnificent views of the City and the Bay"

"CABLE CAR VIEWS - From the top of the Hill, starting to get down"

"SAFELY LANDED at Taylor Street"

"FISHERMAN'S WHARF - One of the most famous tourist attractions in San Francisco, known for being the location of Pier 39, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, Ghirardelli Square, ferry rides to Alcatraz and restaurants that serve dungeness crab!"

"PIER 39 - Pier 39, located at the edge of the Fisherman's Wharf district, is much more interesting than Pier 17 in New York. Filled with shops, restaurants, street performances, and ferry trips to Alcatraz, the Pier is also a very popular tourist attraction. Swimming Harbour seals and California sea lions on docks nearby help to call people to the zone"

"HYATT REGENCY, Embarcadero Center: The fabulous reception lobby"

"HYATT REGENCY, Embarcadero Center: nice view from the Equinox, the only revolving rooftop restaurant and cocktail lounge in Northern California"

"VAILLANCOURT FOUNTAIN at Embarcadero Center was built in 1971 by French-Canadian sculptor Francois Vaillancourt. The public criticism was very harsh, but in 2004, the fountain came to life again"

"TRANSAMERICA BUILDING - THE most famous skyscraper of the San Francisco first wave of high rise building"


"CHINATOWN - It was the largest Chinese neighbourhood outside Asia, and probably still is"

"COIT TOWER from the distance"

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