Tuesday, August 01, 2006



"DEJEUNER SUR L'HERBE - 1982 Version"

"FLAMSTEED HOUSE and the TIME BALL - The red ball on top of Flamsteed House rises half way up its mast each day at 12.55; at 12.58, it rises all the way up. At 13.00, the ball falls. It was first used in 1833 and still distributes time to ships on the Thames and to Londoners"

"PRIME MERIDIAN OF THE WORLD since 1884. The line divides the eastern and western hemispheres and every place on Earth is measured east or west from this line"

"CUTTY SARK, aka FERREIRA or MARIA DO AMPARO - The most famous tea clipper"

"TOWER BRIDGE - Stands over the Thames since 1894!"

"BACK TO WESTMINSTER - End of cruise!"

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