Tuesday, August 01, 2006



"RUSSEL SQUARE GARDENS - Near the Hotel, and the British Museum, it is a haven of peace in the busy town. However, on July 10, 2005, a bomb attack killed 26 people in an tube train travelling between King's Cross and Russell Square stations"

"GOOD EVENING, SIR ALFRED! - Madame Tussaud's unavoidable visit"

"KENSINGTON GARDENS POND - The Round Pond was created in 1728!"

"SPEAKER'S CORNER - John again?"

"OXFORD STREET - Taxis were all black, minis were running on the streets, pavement was in very bad shape, but Selfridges was as ever"


"WESTMINSTER BRIDGE - Don't they look great?"

"COUNTY HALL - When the building was still the home to London's government, and there was no London Eye... Now, amid galleries, concert halls and theatres, one can find the London Marriott Hotel County Hall"

"VICTORIA TOWER - The square tower at the south end of the Palace of Westminster. When it was built, at 102m, it was the tallest square tower in the world when it was built"

"BIG BEN - The other tower, however much more famous. The clock tower at the north end of the Palace is 96m high"

"CHURCHILL - Hardly seen"

"10 DOWNING STREET - Difficult access"

"ST. MARTIN IN THE FIELS - In the 13th century, there was a church on this site, then «in the fields» between the City and Westminster. The present church was built in 1721, and is one hundred years older than Trafalgar Square"

"TRAFALGAR SQUARE - Pigeons do not fear bird flu!"

"COVENT GARDEN - Many years after Eliza Doolittle..."

"THE TOWER OF LONDON was founded more than nine hundred years ago. Actually, it was begun by William of Normandy, named William the Conqueror after the Hastings battle on October 14, 1066. In 1078, he ordered a stone fortress to be built to serve for his defence, as well as a prison for his enemies. The square building with turrets on each corner - the White Tower - gave its name to the site"

"THE BELL TOWER was built in the 13th century, and when the bell was rung, drawbridges were raised and gates shut. Nowadays the bell rings but just to warn visitors that it is time to leave. There were many famous prisoners in the Bell Tower, including Sir Thomas More"

"INNER WARD - Prepare to see the Crown Jewels and the ravens. There are seven ravens at the Tower today, with one of their wings clipped to prevent them flying away. Because of bird flu fears, the ravens at the Tower have been moved indoors in February 2006"

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