Sunday, July 30, 2006



"TAPIOLA was «founded» in 1952 as an architects experience camp"

"1981 - Thirty years later, TAPIOLA was still looking great, even with a threatening storm over us"

"Fifty years later, TAPIOLA seems to be in good shape and commemorating the anniversary"
Have a look at Performing the 50th anniversary of a Garden City



Turku, in the southwestern part of Finland, is its oldest city and was its first capital city. Turku is often said to be the only West European town in Finland. This is because Turku has the four items that all medieval European towns have in common: a river, a cathedral, a castle and a market.

"RAILWAY STATION - Nice connections"

"DOWNTOWN on midsummer's day"

"MARKET SQUARE - It seems that the name of Turku originates from a Slavic word «torg», which means a market place"

"SCULPTURE IN THE PARK - from Antti Louhisto (1918-1989), named «A statue of friendship between Leningrad and Turku», 1969, Puolalanpuisto Park"

"CATHEDRAL - The mother church of the Lutheran Church of Finland, and the country's national shrine"

"PORT - MS Fennia linking Turku to Stockholm (Silja Line). Casino Express 1965 - 2001"

"TURKU - STOCKHOLM - Celebrating Midsummer's Eve"


Anonymous said...

Di said...
Are we supposed to write in english now? Ok... Nice revivals, Now it would be interesting to travel to these places to get a good comparison. YOU guys don´t look the same, that I can guarantee.. but Finland...?

5/10/05 13:57
He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named said...
Hello everyone =)

yea i agree... I'm going next Jan for student exchange, so i'll get some pics back :)

7/10/05 14:49
Trotter said...
Meanwhile JP at -
- is on an exchange programme in Kokkola, Finland. At his blog we can see some photos of today's Finland

Deslilas said...

We could have met you in Tapiola my sister in law used to live there in the early 80's.
Don't worry I can't follow you anywhere. We spent most of our holidays in Finland where wy wife was born, in Sweden and Norway.

Trotter said...

Amazing! You lucky guy to spend your (Summer, I presume) holidays in Scandinavia. I'm just a bit jealous... ;)))

Shionge said...

You must have been the most widely travelled blog buddy I ever have all we need to ask you is...which country have you yet to visit heheheheh....

I love it here :D

Trotter said...

It's not such a small world... I've still a lot to se... ;))