Wednesday, July 26, 2006



"LOCH DUICH - is a sea loch situated on the western coast of Scotland, in the Highlands. A sea loch may be perceived also as a fjord, estuary, bay or sea inlet. In the distance, the Isle of Skie can be seen"

"EILEAN DONAN CASTLE - Although the island of Eilean Donan has been a fortified site for at least 800 years, the present building largely dates from the early 20th century. Today's castle, which rose from the ruins of its predecessor, was re-built between 1912 and 1932 by Lieutenant Colonel John MacRae-Gilstrap"

"FORT WILLIAM - the outdoor capital of the UK"

"FORT WILLIAM - is the largest town in the west Highlands of Scotland and is the commercial centre of Lochaber, an area renowned for magnificent scenery with an important history. It has the highest mountain in the UK - Ben Nevis, and Loch Morar - the deepest loch"

"GLENCOE - In the heart of the Scottish Highlands"

"LOCH LOMOND - one of Scotland’s most idyllic and unspoilt areas. Unspoilt? Why not, just look at this Summer picture"

"GRETNA GREEN - is a small town in the south of Scotland, on the border with England. It's fame came from the BLACKSMITH'S SHOP, known for the runaway marriages"

"GRETNA GREEN HALL HOTEL - which claims to be the original marriage house"

"GRETNA GREEN - THIS EXPLAINS ALL. The runaway marriages began in 1753 when an Act of Parliament, Lord Hardwicke's Marriage Act, was passed in England, which stated that if both parties to a marriage were not at least 21 years old, then consent to the marriage had to be given by the parents. This Act did not apply in Scotland where it was possible for boys to get married at 14 and girls at 12 years old with or without parental consent. Since 1929 both parties have had to be at least 16 years old but there is still no consent needed. In England and Wales the ages are now 16 with consent and 18 without. This led to many elopers fleeing England and making for the first Scottish village they came to — Gretna Green. The blacksmith's shop, built around 1712, became the focal point for the marriage trade, and the basis for interesting Private International Law studies"


Smita said...

Lovely pics - u went a long time ago and manage to take so many!

trotter said...

Thanks Smita. It was a long time ago and a lot of pounds less...