Wednesday, July 26, 2006



“THE TROSSACHS - Scotland's recently designated first National Park, was officially opened by Princess Anne on 24 July 2002. It is an area of contrasts where many lochs and rivers can be found; here, we see LOCH KATRINE. The scenery of the Trossachs was the inspiration and setting for Walter Scott’s book «The Lady of the Lake» (1810)"

“PITLOCHRY - From this picture nobody would say that we are facing a «delightful Victorian town nestling in the Perthshire Highlands amidst some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe», as one can read in the tourist brochures. It seems, however, that Pitlochry has been a popular holiday resort for over a hundred years"

"LOCH LAGGAN - One of the many lochs, and a scenic one, in Scotland"

"LOCH NESS - Home to the NESSIE, the Loch Ness monster, said to have been sighted since the 6th century a.d. During the late 50's and the 60's of last century, we used to have lots of news of sightings on papers and on TV. Now it rarely appears on media, but there is a site to entertain folks: The legend of Nessie


"GOLSPIE - The story of Golspie is largely dependent on the story of the Dukes of Sutherland, who, at the beginning of the 1800s, owned the largest private estate in Europe. Here you see the Sutherland Arms Hotel, a very nice memory of this trip"

"DUNROBIN CASTLE - the most northerly of Scotland's great houses and certainly one of the most majestic. It is the largest house in the Northern Highlands, and is one of Britain's oldest continuously inhabited houses, dating in part from the early 1300s"

"DUNBEATH CASTLE - spectacularly located on a promontory, this 15th Century castle remains a private residence"

"THURSO - mainland Scotland's most northerly town, and home to the UK's most northerly railway station, was home to the Vikings, who were established here from as early as the 900s."

"THURSO - Even if someone says the surf might be interesting, don't go to the beach here. look how it looks by the end of ... August"

"JOHN O'GROATS - named after a Dutchman, Jan de Groot, who was granted, by King James IV in 1496, the ferry franchise between this harbour and Orkney. The sign above the harbour says it's 874 miles from Land's End (Cornwall)"

"JOHN O'GROATS - The place seems to have been improved since this visit with Mutsumi and Virginia. The hotel is expected to engage in renovation, but sadly it's unclear when this will happen, and for the time being remains closed"


guida said...

Why do I only (or almost only) remember the rain we got during this week in Scottland? It was Summertime... but so different from ours...

Trotter said...

You remember only the rain, may be because memories of August time in Great Britain and Ireland are easy to be mixed: for example, in Scotland (1980), there were some grey/misty days (with bits of rain), but the sun was shining in Edinburgh, Stirling, Fort William, etc… In Ireland (1985), on the contrary, it was pouring, flooding, and freezing… And one August day in London (1974?) your poor summer shoes were completely destroyed by the famous British weather…

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed all of your photos and I was surprised to know that both of you had visited so many places.

It reminds me of the lovely memories in Scotland.
It's quite nice to find myself in net,anyway.

Thanks a lot!
From Mutsumi

GMG said...

Hi Mutsumi,
It's so nice to hear from you after all these years. Hope everything is fine. Thank you very much for the comments.
Stay alert to "Blogtrotter Revival - the 80's" when it comes to March/April 1983...
All the best