Monday, April 16, 2007



After visiting the Aztec and Mayan ruins we made a break and went to the beach in Cancun. The weather was not particularly nice, as some hurricane threats were in the air, but finally everything ran smoothly!

CANCUN, originally a small Mayan settlement situated in the Quintana Roo state of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, was chosen in 1970 to become a tourist resort. The main complex lies on a narrow island separated from the mainland by a tropical blue lagoon, with 14 miles of tropical beach and is surrounded by Mujeres Island, the Caribbean Sea, and the Nichupte and Bojorquez lagoons. The mainland - Cancun City - is connected to the island by two bridges. Further to the tourist resort, the existence of a Convention Centre and the organization of some international conferences also helped to foster the development of the site"

"KRYSTAL HOTEL - In 1983 there were much fewer hotels in Cancun than nowadays. The Krystal, which opened exactly in 1983, was one of the best, and its location was superb. The white powder sand of the beach was fabulous. It seems that after hurricane Wilma destroyed the beach in 2005, the new sand that was brought in during the recovery process is much coarser and somewhat darker than the powdery white original. Shame"

"CAMINO REAL - Another great hotel in those days, and probably still today"

"FERRY TRANSFER to Isla Mujeres. Located opposite Cancun coast, Isla Mujeres is 7.5 km long and an average 500 meters wide"

"ISLA MUJERES - The publicity states that «Isla Mujeres is a privileged place with a unique natural and cultural wealth in Mexico. It combines the beauty of the Caribbean, the dense tropical jungle and the wonderful heritage of the Mayan civilization. It stands out as one of Mexico's natural treasures, a truly delightful paradise on earth» Well, there is no need to exaggerate..."

"BEACH - The beach was good, and empty..."

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