Saturday, January 06, 2007



After the long US travel in 1982 that started in New Orleans and finished in Chicago, we returned this time for a visit to the East Coast. We took a bus and started with Boston.



"THE MOTHER CHURCH - We took a bus tour of Boston, which started at the Mother Church, part of the Christian Science Complex, and an example of Romanesque architecture"

"FROM CHURCH TO CHURCH - After the Science we went to the Episcopal..."

"BOSTON TEA PARTY - We also visited the Port!"

"OLD STATE HOUSE - This was the centre of Massachusetts government in the 1700's"

"FANEUIL HALL is an old market building, first built in 1742. Town meetings were held here between 1764 and 1774, and there Samuel Adams had the opportunity to protest against the imposition of taxes on the colonies. The building was enlarged in 1806"

"FANEUIL HALL/QUINCY MARKET is crowded in summer"

"THE NEW STATE HOUSE is located next to The Boston Common. It's amazing, in the US, to call something built in 1795 «new». It could only happen in Boston..."

"FROG POND - It seems that after 1997 Boston residents and visitors can skate over the refrigerated surface from November to mid-March! In Summer, there was nothing special to call your attention..."

"KING'S CHAPEL, famous for its architectural beauty, became the first Unitarian Church in the U.S. after the American Revolution. It's located on Boston's Freedom Trail, along with 15 other stops, including also the Faneuil Hall"



"WATERHOUSE tourist bus stop"


"US/CANADA BORDER - Fom Maine to Quebec"


Anonymous said...


You say that only in Boston could something build in 1775 be called new, but the few times I have been to Europe I see buildings and other structures that are much older than the entire history of the modern United States. (ha ha!)

I am working today (Sunday) trying to catch up on some work, so I haven't had much time for my blog. I hope to be able to post something new next weekend.

By the way, on television the other day my wife and I saw a travel show on Lisbon. It is a beautiful city.

Best regards,


Trotter said...


You're right about Europe, but actually I meant «new» in the US...
Just for information, if we take Lisbon, it was conquered by the first king of Portugal in October, 1147!!!
Best regards