Saturday, October 14, 2006



The post on Chicago was the last of our first one month trip to North America, in August 1982. In November 82, I had a meeting in Zurich, where I met some colleagues, and we made an escapade to St. Moritz. The funny was to see the tourists among the skiers...

"CHURWALDEN - The departure from Zurich Hauptbahnhof was made very early in the morning, as the trip was long and required some train changes. One of the train stops was made in Churwalden, somehow in the middle between Zurich and St. Moritz"

"ST. MORITZ BAD - The approach showed a nice village by the lake"

"ST. MORITZ is one of the most renowned holiday resorts of the world. Chic, elegant and exclusive (see coats hats and ties...), with a cosmopolitan ambiance, it is situated at 1856 m above sea level, in the Upper Engadine. Though the publicity says the famous sun of St. Moritz shines an average of 322 days a year, we were highly unlucky, as it can be seen from the photos..."

"ST.MORITZ is Switzerland's largest winter sports region, with 350 km of slopes. There are 88 runs and 37 mountain restaurants to choose from"

"CORVIGLIA - Piz Nair is the largest single skiing area in the Engadine. Nearly 100 km of ski slopes wait for you, but not in city attire..."

"PIZ NAIR - 23 lifts in winter take you to the winter sports area, at up to 3057 m above sea level"

"PIZ NAIR - There are also 14 mountain restaurants there. Mathis Food Affairs was one of them"

"FUNICULAR - A nice view on the way down, before the long trip back to Zurich..."

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