Sunday, August 13, 2006



"AFTON, WYOMING was founded by Mormon settlers along the Lander cut-off of the Oregon trail. It's famous for housing the World's Largest Elkhorn Arch roughly 23 meters high across the four lanes of US Highway 89. It consists of 3,011 elk antlers and weighs 15 tons..."

"BEAR LAKE, IDAHO is often called «Caribbean of the Rockies» due to the colours of its waters. It seems that in 1863 the first permanent settlement was established in the area by forty Mormon families who came in wagons, in ox carts and on foot from Cache Valley, Utah..."

"IDAHO - Photo of the entry, while we're leaving it behind..."


"LOGAN, UTAH is a small city situated in the Cache Valley. Its lamdmark is the Logan Temple, set on a hill near the town centre"

"TEMPLE - Salt Lake City, Utah's most populous city, has one million residents and is the cultural and political centre of the Utah state. Temple Square occupies a city block in the heart of Salt Lake City and is its most popular attraction. High walls surround the complex, with wrought iron gates providing ingress on all four sides. Within is the Mormon Temple, with its white quartzite façade, the Mormon Tabernacle and the Assembly Hall"

"TABERNACLE - The domed Tabernacle is home to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the 12,000-pipe Mormon Tabernacle Organ. Its acoustics is famous (however, not like Epidurus Theatre in Greece...)"

"VIEW FROM THE TERRACE of the Admistrative building. Much higher than the Temple itself..."

"BEEHIVE HOUSE - Near Temple Square is the Beehive House, the large former home of Brigham Young and his wives. As Jeffery Johnson explained: «Sixteen women gave birth to Brigham Young's fifty-seven children; Emmeline Free had ten; six wives had only one child. The oldest child, Elizabeth Young Ellsworth, was fifty-two at Brigham's death and the youngest, Fannie Young Clayton, was seven. Eleven of the sixteen women survived him. None of the women who bore him children cancelled their sealing or remarried... Twenty-one of Brigham Young's fifty-five wives had never been married, six were separated or divorced from their husbands, sixteen were widows, and six had living husbands from whom divorces had apparently not been obtained. Marital information is unavailable for six»..."

"HOTEL UTAH - The Hotel Utah was built as a cooperative effort by the business and ecclesiastical leaders of the Salt Lake community. It presided as «the Grande Dame of Hotels» for seventy years. In August 1987 it was closed to be converted into offices and community meeting halls. The facility reopened in 1993"

"UTAH CAPITOL - It seems to be undergoing renovation for the time being..."

"SUPREME COURT - Five members: a Chief Justice, an Associate Chief Justice, and three Justices"

"TROLLEY SQUARE - A block of enclosed trolley barns dating back to the 19th century filled with exclusive boutiques"


TeamSplashi said...

You have great photos from SLC.
It looks the same in the way.
You are lucky people that went all over the world.
I envy you.

Trotter said...

Thanks! Amazing that it looks the same, twenty six years later...