Tuesday, July 18, 2006



Terceira, with a surface area of 382 km2, is the third largest island of the Azores archipelago (after São Miguel and Pico), and the second most populated (with 55000 inhabitants). It is situated approximately 90 miles of São Miguel and 66 miles off Faial, at 27º19' longitude West and 38º44' latitude North. It is probably best known for its air base at Lajes, where some decisions were taken that influenced our current lives, rather than for the fact that its capital city - Angra do Heroismo - has its historical centre classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Having lived in Angra from September 1954 through May 1955, this trip had a lot of a revival journey!

The photos were taken before the terrible earthquake that stroke the Island on January 1st, 1980, which destroyed many beautiful buildings in the town centre. However, reconstruction helped to keep its ancient flavour...



"DUQUE DA TERCEIRA GARDEN - The garden in Angra is a beautiful one. The fountain was most impressive when seen at the age of five!"

"MEMÓRIA - The views from the top of the garden are awesome"

"MOUNT BRASIL - providing one of the sides of the Angra Bay, it was classified as a Protected Landscape. It is one of the best known images of Terceira"

"ANGRA - This is my favourite photo from this trip. Seen from the top of the garden, Angra looks as beautiful as it is"

"MEMORIES FROM 1954/1955 - People, streets and houses from when I was five"

"SILVEIRA BEACH - The beach is not the reason for the trip, but is refreshing in Summer!"

"MOUNT BRASIL - The view from Mount Brasil towards Angra and Terceira Island is beautiful. Gungunhana (1850-1906) - the King of Gaza in Mozambique, from 1885 to 1895, who rebeled and was imprisioned by the Portuguese Army - was exiled in Terceira, where he lived until his death. When we visited , it was said that he was buried in Mount Brasil"

"DOWNTOWN - Beautiful buildings and roofs"


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