Saturday, July 22, 2006


From 1970 through 1979 there was not much travelling abroad, as it can be seen from the previous posts. Actually, further to the summer crossing of the border from Algarve to visit Ayamonte, Spain, and to buy "Caramelos Solanos", there was only an average of one return flight abroad a year. Anyhow, there were 33724 miles, and 28 flights flown during those years!
Most of the photo memories of those trips are here. It is not excluded that some additions may be made to the existing posts, which will bring them back to the top of the blog, but there will be nothing substantially new. However, there will always be the 90's, and, of course, the original Blogtrotter!
Hope that you enjoy the blog as much as I did while making it!

PS: All dates of the posts have been moved forward. Actually, I started posting on this blog around September 2005, finished by May 2006, and started merging with the 80's on February 2, 2007.

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