Monday, July 03, 2006



The "Duomo" is one of Europe's most remarkable cathedrals. Few churches in ltaly underwent such a slow, complex building process as Milan's cathedral. The cathedral, dedicated to Mary, was actually begun in 1387 over the site of the 9th century basilica of St. Maria Maggiore. Work went on right through the 19th century, during which time the spires and the towers with stairways inside were completed.

"The exquisite carvings characteristic of the 98 spires of the edifice"

"Just see"

"People on the roof"


"Piazza Del Duomo in the mist; the whole city seems to revolve around the square. The façade of the Cathedral is presently hidden by scaffolding. Work began in June 2002, with a prospected duration of 2 years. To date (Dec 2005) work is still progressing..."


The castle, which is one of the greatest monuments of the Renaissance period, was started in the 14th century. In 1450, after the fall of the republic, Francesco Sforza took possession of the stronghold. He began the reconstruction with the intention of creating a fortification for his own defence but it was gradually transformed into an architecturally impressive noble residence.

"In the middle of the façade with its front towards the centre of city rises the so-called Filarete Tower (called also the Clock Tower) which is 70 metres high"

"The doorway, under the Tower of Filarete, leads into the grand and picturesque Parade Ground, now a garden, which was once used to exercise the Sforza troops"


Ele ^_^ said...

Belle le foto del Duomo dall'alto.. Un po' antiche ma belle! ^^

Trotter said...

Un pó antico? Sei gentile! Trenta anni fa... Eleonora non era ancora probabilmente progetto...