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Ancient Corinth had links to Greek mythology: When Jason returned with the Golden Fleece, he docked his ship, the Argo, in Corinth and gave thanks to Poseidon; Sisyphus, King of Corinth, offended the gods, and each day he was doomed to push up a huge bolder up the hill, only to have it roll back down; Bellerophon captured the winged horse Pegasus drinking from a fountain in Corinth...

"Ancient Corinth, where St.Paul lived and preached for two years - The Apollo Temple, a pretty well preserved temple from the 5th century BC"

"The Canal - A dream with more than 2000 years that came true on October 28th, 1893"


Built during the last quarter of the fourth century B.C., as part of the sanctuary of Asklepios. The harmony of the amphitheatre, the way it 'sits' in the landscape, and the excellence of its acoustics make the Epidaurus theatre a great architectural achievement

"Extraordinary! You can hardly see, but you definitely hear..."

"12000 spectators ready for Aeschylos, Sophocles, Euripides and Aristophanes"

"Take care: they are listining up the hill..."

"A Star is Born"


The oldest archeological findings in Mycenae are dated around 3000 B.C. Mycenae was a hub of Greek culture long before Pericles started Athens' Parthenon. Legend says Mycenae was founded by Perseus, son of Zeus. Eventually mortals took over and things started to go downhill..."

"The Lion Gate - main entrance to the citadel"

"Treasury of Atreus, erroneously called Tomb of Agamemnon"

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