Tuesday, August 01, 2006



Cannes is known as one of the European Capitals of Cinema. Its Festival, together with the Venice and Berlin, is the showroom for what's new in the industry. In 2006, the International Film Festival will take place from May 17 through 28. However, in the Winter of 1982, it looked much more like a ghost city, with an average age for inhabitants of around 80! It was not even the old Cannes - an isolated land, in which farmers and fishermen experienced a difficult life.

"LA CROISETTE - Now there is a little train to tour the historic centre of Cannes; here the poor old folks seen on the right hand side of the picture had to walk..."

"CARLTON HOTEL - The legendary Hotel for stars, with the promenade for the photos of the starlettes, is there since 1911, and publicity says that «international stars meet royal dignitaries in a place that has become one of the most prestigious hotels in the world». Well, it's forgiven since it is now an Intercontinental Hotel..."

"VIEUX PORT - The Old Port and the adjoining Suquet district (up the hill) are the most picturesque parts of town, and take you back in time"

"BEACH - Desert!"


A Lady's Life said...

Well that is surprising there is no one there. You'd think it would be full of people wouldn't you?

Trotter said...

Not in February 1982... ;)) There was nothing to do then... ;))