Monday, July 31, 2006



"GAMLA UPPSALA is one of Scandinavia's most notable ancient monuments. Three majestic royal mounds from the 6th century, one of Scandinavia's largest burial places, and ruins of a cathedral built in the 12th century can be found there"

"UNIVERSITY - Uppsala, founded in 1477, was the first university in Scandinavia and is the oldest in the Nordic countries. Linnaeus (born in 1707 - third centenary next year), Celsius, and eight Nobel prizes helped to make the University known all over the world"

"CASTLE - King Gustav I in the mid-16th century started the construction; its present form was achieved in 1757. It includes the Hall of State, the Uppsala Art Museum, the university's art collection, and the home of the county governor"

"CATHEDRAL - The largest church building in Scandinavia (118.7 m high). The construction started in 1287 and took more than a century to complete (inaugurated in 1435). It was dedicated to the saints Lawrence, Eric - the patron of Sweden, and Olaf - the patron of Norway. King Gustav Vasa, 16th century, and the famous botanist Linnaeus, 18th century, are buried inside"

"DOWNTOWN - In front of the railway station, where you take the train back to Stockholm"

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